Save by building your way.

Save by building your way.

As the money market tightens further and banks (no matter what they say) are not lending to even the most suitable borrowers, many people are just going to park their money and aspirations on the side lines and wait for better days. Now that’s a solid strategy seeing it could be years before the Interest Rate Cycle heads in the other direction or anything really changes. You got to ask the question” Is getting 4% in a deposit account the best was to manage my investment growth. ”Some will say yes and others no and they are both right. All investments have risk, a good investment could stop you making a great investment and simply what is good for one isn’t ideal for another. But what if there was a way to save some big money right now investing within the system we have not the one we want? Would you be interested? If so read on.

Everyone knows that Granny Flats generate fantastic returns, but when many Granny Flat builders are now quoting $180,000 plus costs for a new 60m2 Granny Flat, the process of making the numbers work for you the buyer is become more difficult.

So let’s consider something else, what about building a Granny Flat with Trenz using one of our range of designs and your choice of inclusions and you save upwards of $40,000 hard cash, that’s money you don’t have to borrow or spend, so how does that work?

Call us anytime to discuss your goals and needs and we will arrange a free site visit to get things going for you.

Regards Terry clayton