How big does a block of land need to be to build a granny flat?

How big does a block of land need to be to build a granny flat?

If you are thinking about building a granny flat in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter Valley, you are probably wondering how big your block needs to be and what size granny flat you can build.

The experienced team at Trenz Granny Flats would be happy to take a look at your site and run through our granny flat plans with you to see if building a granny flat on your site is possible.

We hope that the information provided below gives you a better understanding of granny flat building requirements in your area.

Granny Flat Block Size Requirements

Firstly, the block of land must be zoned residential – refer to your local council to check your zoning and suitability.  The minimum block size can be as little as 450sqm but there are set back rules, minimum block width and floor area regulations.

There are varying rules for different size blocks so do your research and check with your local council and builder before assuming you can build a granny flat on your proposed site.

Current NSW Planning & Environment requirements for granny flats are:

  • Minimum lot size 450 square metres
  • Maximum floor area of granny flat must not exceed 60sqm
  • Granny flats can’t be built on environmentally sensitive land
  • Heritage restrictions still apply
  • Only one principal and one secondary residence allowed per site
  • Lots can’t be subdivided once the granny flat construction is complete
  • Granny flats can’t be built on community title schemes or strata subdivided lots
  • Principal dwelling can’t be altered other than an additional entrance

For example, a lot size of 450sqm to 900sqm must have a rear boundary set back of 3m, side boundary set back of 0.9m on standard blocks, side boundary set back of 2m corner blocks, maximum site coverage must not exceed 50% (including all primary, secondary & ancilliary development) and a minimum block width of 12m.

For more detailed information in relation to granny flat site requirements visit, NSW Planning & Environment.

Just remember it’s not always down to the overall size of your block that matters – what’s also very important is where the principal dwelling (main home) is located on the block.  This is particularly important when it comes to access to the rear of the block which is commonly where granny flats are built.

Trenz Granny Flats specialise in helping home owners and investors build granny flats within the Hunter Region. If you are planning to build a granny flat and need some assistance you are welcome to contact our sales team on 0432 331 951 to arrange a time to visit our two (2) modern display homes conveniently located within the Newcastle region.

If you would like to view granny flat plans or find out more about Trenz Granny Flats you are welcome to visit our website,

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